Thursday, March 26, 2009

First job

I have only had two Jobs in my whole life. my first job was when i was 13 i worked at a camp and i had to tell kids that was my age what to do but it did not really work out that way all i did was play all day and i got paid for it. My second job was the summer that i graduated H.S i ran up my cell phone bill $800 and my parents said that i had to pay for it so i got a job at Starbucks and i work their the whole summer and after that i quit. The atmosphere at Starbucks was some what serious but i did not take it as serious as some of the people who worked there. Also you have to dress a certain way and you could not have your nails done also if you had Tattoos you had to cover them up not all Starbucks are this serious .

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